Beta 8.1 (12.08.14b) - Hotfix

Hello everyone!

We have a new release for you all today, and it’s almost all about bug fixes! If you’ve been experiencing white or black screens in the viewer since our last release, this release is just the update for you!

Due to a few critical bugs found post-release in, today we’re issuing a patch that should fix the AMD and Intel GMA bugs that were encountered with the previous release as well as resolving some installation issues some users were also having. We are also adding a new feature this release, as detailed below.

  • New Features
    • Option to automatically rez objects under land group.
    • Visual C++ 2010 runtime now included as part of installer.
  • Changed
    • Visual presets and raid advisor lists format have been changed to be more conformant with LLSD, with backwards compatability, but due to this change new presets/lists will not work with older versions of the viewer.
  • Fixed
    • AMD and nVidia black/white screen issues on some configurations.
    • GMA 945 and GMA 950 crashed while starting the viewer.
    • The nearby panel now actually updates sorts automatically.
    • Overflow of L$ in the Japanese version.
    • EV-62: Webkit on Linux doesn’t work.