Need help with Exodus Viewer? We provide a few support channels, described below!


Blog & Twitter

The blog & Twitter is a great place to keep informed on new changes, releases going on with Exodus Viewer.

You can find the our Twitter page here.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is where common questions are documented and answered, you should try to find an answer here first for a problem before trying one of the alternative support options!

You can find the FAQ page here.



This page holds all the useful links and information related to Exodus Viewer's availability online, if you have a problem connecting to our web services, or logging into Agni (the default Second Life grid) you should look at this page before contacting us.

You can find this page over here.



The best place under normal circumstances to raise technical issues, feature suggestions and bug reports.

You can find the forums here.


Use the Jira to report bugs and keep up to date on feature progress as well as important fixes.

You can find our Jira here.



Where one can expect to have quick answers on "how do I..." questions, functionality of the viewer and advice on the best place to get support on a specific problem. This is not a good place to troubleshoot complex problems or do feature requests.

You can find the chat option in the Viewer under "Help > Exodus Viewer Support Chat"
Alternatively, you can visit us in your web-browser instead by going here.



Should matters require confidentiality, or the need to submit something directly to Exodus Viewer developers for extenuating circumstances, we can be contacted directly by the e-mail address below.

For more information about us, have a look at the about page!