Upcoming Pathfinding Release

Hey all you pathfinding deviants!

Today we’re announcing our pathfinding roadmap for the viewer. Currently, we are scheduling a release for later this month.

We are pleased to announce that we have executed the Havok sub-license with Linden Lab to provide our users with a more complete content creation experience on par with the official Second Life Viewer. We will be releasing with full support for Havok, which means you will be able to visualize the pathfinding navmesh and upload models using Havok’s convex decomposition.

We hope to begin circulating test builds of our Viewer 3.4 based version of Exodus with the new Havok sub-license sometime in the next week or two. So keep an eye on those nightlies! This release will primarily be bug fixing, finishing up any features from Beta 8, and adding pathfinding support to the viewer.

Once the first batch of development builds go live, we will be making an announcement here on the blog. Please note, our development builds are not supported, and are subject to extreme instability. You will not receive any technical support while using these builds. They are for bug testing and feedback only. If you’ve found a bug, you can report it on our issue tracker.