Below you will be able to find all the useful links and information related to Exodus Viewer’s availability online, if you have a problem connecting to our web services, or logging into Agni (the default Second Life grid) you should look at the pages below before contacting us.

Second Life

Second Life is the virtual world platform that Exodus Viewer connects to.

Exodus Viewer Backend Server

The Backend Server is where the website files are originally stored, where all 'dynamic content' is generated on the fly and where crash reports are sent/retrieved.


Cloudflare is a large distributed set of servers deployed in multiple data centers around the world. It's purpose is to sit in between the user and the backend server, cache the 'static content' from the backend server and deliver that content to end-users with high availability (through being able to display the cached content when the server is down) and high performance (through having servers geographically close to the user).


Google is our forum and e-mail provider for Exodus Viewer.


Bitbucket is where the source code for the Exodus Viewer is stored, managed and where the commit logs can be reviewed.

This is where our live support chat system for Exodus Viewer is hosted.


Twitter is a microblogging service that is used by the Exodus Viewer Team to deliver short text-based updates in 140 characters or less.

Atlassian OnDemand

Atlassian OnDemand is used to handle Exodus Viewer's project management. This includes bug tracking, feature tracking, roadmaps, development progress tracking and wiki.