Beta 1 (11.09.28b)

Alright, we're up and running, there are downloads for Windows and Linux up in the downloads section, but first, please read this:

If you have found a bug, having issues running or installing the viewer, or if you have a feature request, please contact us at the forums!

That's all, thank you for reading! Now, go ahead and download it!

  • Merged
    • Now upto date with the latest version of Snowstorm (3.0.6).
  • Added
    • Geenz’s custom FXAA implementation for the deferred renderer.
    • “Advanced graphics window” which allows you to adjust HDR settings, found within the graphics tab of the preferences window.
    • The fairly well known spell checker feature.
    • Various settings for adjusting LookAt broadcasting.
    • Debug settings: ExodusFontSettingsFile and ExodusFontSizeAdjustment.
    • Fancy little minimal statistics window.
    • Minimal radar window, similar to the above one.
    • ExodusScriptKeywordsFile and ExodusScriptEditorCustomized settings.
    • ExodusInstantMessagesTimezone for adjusting instant message timestamps.
    • Started on adding a minimal text based radar thing.
    • Search/replace window to notecards.
    • Raid advisor, a little different compared to the old one.
    • Linden Lab’s new proxy support.
    • Quick tools/preferences button to the bottom bar.
    • Slider to allow the user to adjust the alpha of the bottom bar.
    • Safe teleport setting to the sidebar.
    • Various crash fixes from Linden Labs.
  • Changed
    • PrecachingDelay changed to 1.0 rather than 6.0.
    • Various URLs including the sidebar to point to our servers now.
    • The custom menu items now show up a tint of yellow..
    • Graphics preferences window, cleaned up a little.
    • Vindow title version thing to set by function rather than constant.
  • Fixed
    • The request teleport windows positions correctly while in/out of mouselook.
    • ExodusFlyAlwaysEnable now works properly.
    • Rightclick copy key on objects now works properly.
    • "/gth" chat command now works with negative values correctly.
    • Strings in script windows now nolonger overflow their color.