Beta 7 (12.01.03b)

Hey everyone!

We’ve fixed the graphics bugs in our previous release, added a few more features and a exposed a bunch settings in our visuals window.

See below for the change log.

  • Known Bugs
    • In some cases when loading a notecard into the animation overrider, your client will crash. We’re not sure what’s causing this, but hopefully we can get it fixed in the next update.
    • If you have buttons placed at the bottom of your screen, you will be unable to place your chat-bar into the bottom left, we’ll be looking into a fix for that soon, technically it’s expected behavior though.
    • In some cases other peoples rigged meshes can glitch randomly, if you're having problems try turning off "OpenGL vertex buffer objects". We're currently looking into what is causing this.
  • Not a bug, but kinda cool
    • Glow seems more “overblown” with gamma correction. This is due to the gamma correction process its self, and is not a bug. To get classic glow behaviour, turn down the number of glow iterations from 2 to 1 in the visual settings window.
  • Added
    • Added “refresh texture” feature from Firestorm Viewer.
    • Added option to see threat indicators in third person.
    • Added more adjustable settings related to glow, ambient occlusion and shadows to the visuals window.
  • Changed
    • Changed default inventory icon style to the original icons.
    • Modifications in attempt to clean up the preferences window and remove old UI preferences.
    • Changed maximum shadow quality to 4.0, as requested.
    • Sun/Moon light color is now gamma corrected when gamma correction is enabled.
  • Fixed
    • Fixed water rendering black (white under AMD hardware) under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed alpha blended fullbright objects being rendered white under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed eyelashes rendering as white under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed fullbright on rigged meshes in Gamma Correction not being gamma corrected.
    • Fixed alphas on fullbright requiring gamma correction.
    • Fixed projected textures not being gamma corrected.
    • Fixed rigged meshes not being gamma corrected properly under most circumstances
    • Fixed cases when using forward slash in chat played typing animation.