Exodus Safety Ratings

Greetings all,

Recently we had some user concerns regarding the safety in using the Exodus Viewer. To address this issue, we have submitted the viewer software for testing with various 3rd parties for independent review as well as getting our website evaluated for safety. So far, every evaluation we have received has rewarded us with a "100% clean" (or equivalent) status. These ratings can be viewed off the right side of our downloads page, with direct links to the websites in question, verifying the rating information.

We believe having our viewer checked by third parties is the appropriate way to address the user concerns regarding the safety of the viewer. The TPVd (Third Party Viewer Directory) currently appears to have the developers self certifying that they are complying with the Second Life Third Party Viewer policy, compared to having an active third party continuously check for compliance. With the lack of a third party checking that the software is safe, this leaves the user up to the whim of the same source they downloaded the viewer from, saying that is safe -- not really that safe when you think about it!

Protecting your online safety and privacy is important to us, we are very forward with what we do and don’t collect regarding as information on our privacy policy. Should you wish to raise any more concerns regarding the viewer, please contact us so we can best address them.