Beta 8 (12.08.09b) - We're Back!

Hello everyone! We know you’ve all missed us, but after a bit of a break we’re back in action! Today we have a new Exodus for all of you to enjoy! We have plenty of changes since our last release in January, so sit back in your favorite comfy chair by the fireplace, relax, and check out what’s changed in this version.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Katharine Berry to the team! We hope she enjoys her stay and that we have many great days ahead with her around!

We’ve been quite busy over the past few months working on a variety of things, some of which we hope to talk about very soon! In the meantime, we hope everyone enjoys today’s release, and if you find any issues, you can report them on our cool new issue tracker!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us test the nightly builds, your input has been valuable throughout the process of getting this release finished. You guys rock!

If you have trouble with missing DLLs, you may need to install the Visual C++ runtime(s). You can consult our FAQ entry on where to download these missing DLLs from here:


The Exodus Team.

  • New Features
    • Added Flickr snapshot uploader.
    • Added linear tone mapping.
    • Added Reinhard tone mapping.
    • Added advanced filmic tone mapping.
    • EV-1: Added the ability to mute group chat.
    • EV-43: Added a web browser toolbar button.
    • EV-46: Mac: Notification Center Support, Linux and Windows Coming Soon™.
    • Vertical chat tabs, from Catznip Viewer.
    • Added a request teleport button in instant message windows.
    • Added a slider in the quick preferences to adjust your own sounds locally.
    • Added avatar troubleshooting menu.
    • Added floating point “Normalized Blinn-Phong” shading LUT for deferred rendering.
    • Added a small button on the voice button to lock push to talk on.
    • Added option to see threat indicators in third person.
  • Changes
    • Updated to the latest RLVa, along with a lot of fixes to our features to be more RLVa compatible, thanks to Kitty Barnett.
    • Changed some defaults to be more in-line with the official viewer.
    • Changed minimap dots to use known positions while their respective avatars are visible, therefore making their movement much smoother.
    • EV-4: Updated gamma correction to use native sRGB sampling for opaque surfaces.
    • EV-6: Binaries are now signed with an appropriate developer ID for OS X 10.8.
    We also merged with the Second Life viewer version 3.3.3 codebase, which brings much better stability and a few more notable features since our last release:
    • The merchant outbox.
    • Various fixes to the mesh queue.
    • Graded shadow support.
    • Updated/offical local bitmap browser by Vaalith Jinn.
  • Bug Fixes
    • EV-11: Teleports are now cancelled when closing the teleport progress window.
    • EV-13: Release Notes link now links to actual release notes.
    • EV-28: Agent names now actually display in title bar on OS X and Linux.
    • EV-30: Agent names in the title bar no longer append “Resident” for usernames.
    • EV-34: Changed minimal radar ordering, order closest to farthest now.
    • EV-41: Radar performance has been significantly improved.
    • Spinners in the Exodus’ preferences window now actually change values.
    • Muted residents and objects can now be unmuted.
  • Known Issues
    • Gamma correction causes some objects in the water to “darken”.
    • Underwater rendering with gamma correction seems incorrect.
    • Gamma correction causes the sky to be too bright in some cases.
  • Removed
    • Windows code signing.
    • Viewer tag identification, to comply with new TPV policies.
    • Viewer identification through alternative APIs, to comply with new TPV policies.
    • Qarl mesh deformer, unable to update without violating new TPV policies.
  • Bonus Round
  • Bonus round is a new section in our release notes dedicated to highlighting new experimental features included in the release. These features are not officially supported, and have been included purely for feedback and testing purposes. Some features may be removed in later releases, based on user feedback.
    • Experimental color correction mode: 1D LUT, see ExodusRenderColorGradeTech and ExodusRenderColorGradeTexture for details.
    • Minimap trajectory, enabled using ExodusMinimapProjectialTrajectory, with two related settings ExodusMinimapProjectialBuoyancy and ExodusMinimapProjectialVelocity.
    • Minimap velocity visualization using the settings ExodusMinimapInterpolateSize, ExodusMinimapInterpolateColor and ExodusMinimapVelocityMultiplier.
    • Field of views for everyone on the map, kind of like what you’d expect to see in the old Metal Gear Solid games, which is very work in progress as it only works while minimap rotation is disabled, ExodusMinimapShowRotations.
    • “/unstuck” chat command, which will end any active teleports, due to teleports being very finicky during “Linden damage/unsafe combat”.
  • Torley Loves
    • The snapadoodles out of Flickr support!