SL9B and Call for Photos and Machinima!

Hello everyone! Today we’re pleased to announce our presence at SL9B this year! You’ll be able to visit our parcel at the main SL9B sims on June 18th.

We will have different talks about the viewer’s features, development, and what’s coming down the pipeline for the viewer during the event. Schedules and locations for our events during SL9B will be published shortly before the event!

We’re also looking for pictures and machinima that’s been created using Exodus for the event! If you’d like some free advertising during the event, now would be a fantastic time to contact Geenz Spad in-world about it, or simply mention @ExodusViewer on twitter if you’d like to submit content to our exhibit! You can also email us your entries to <span class="email">staff AT exodusviewer DOT com</span>. Your content should have the following:

  • A 512x1024 image (or higher) of what you want shown at the exhibit
  • A brief description of what you do, why you think Exodus is great
  • Optional: Your establishment’s logo. If you do not have a logo, or are not representing any in-world establishment, your in-world display name followed by your user name will be used instead.

All submitted images should be created with Exodus, preferably making use of Exodus’ Advanced Graphics Preferences line of features (such as HDR). The deadline for entry is June 14th. We’re looking forward to seeing people’s content made in Exodus represented at our exhibit!