Sparkly NEW-New Website

Welcome to the sparkling NEW-new Exodus Viewer website! After our initial release just over two weeks ago, we saw a large influx of user interest and determined that our original website was already seeing strains from its minimalistic approach, making it difficult to efficiently maintain the flood of new content and features we have been adding. We think you will enjoy our new website, finding it easier to use, more helpful and find lots of exciting new features!

One such feature is our new live chat system, now making it possible for you to get answers in real time. The live chat is located in our new Support section, which clarifies our various support channel options and what they're meant to be used for. We have also introduced new functionality across all our pages, such as better descriptions, imagery to describe functionality and even massively reworked our download page to display our current downloads live.

As before the website was changed, we will continue to post regular updates on various matters relating to the Exodus Viewer. Sometimes these will be comments on breaking changes on Second life, software updates or new viewer functionality that we think will be of interest to you. Essentially, anything relevant to our work, you can expect to see here.

However, this isn't just about us talking to you. We want to hear your thoughts on the issues that we discuss on the site, your suggestions for viewer features that we should cover here, or updates on anything you are doing with Exodus Viewer's unique functionality. Any comments you leave on our forums are read by the staff members. We hope that you find our new website helpful and informative, and we really look forward to hearing your thoughts.