Beta 5 (11.10.31b)

Today we have decided to release a update to our client, it's a little late (was meant to release this yesterday, whoops!)

Anyway, whats new?

Geenz has been a shader wizard recently, one of the new features in this release is that the "advanced graphics settings" feature now works in/out of deferred rendering, so if you cant handle deferred, now you're in luck!

To find the "advanced graphics settings" window, currently you'll have to open your preferences, found in the "me" menu, look under the graphics tab and see if you can find the "special" button. Just to note, we're planning on adding a button to the bottom bar in future, and it's own menu item too.

Also, we've merged in 3.1.1 and a few more bits and pieces, including the new "neck" and "avatar center" attachment points from Snowstorm.

Finally, there are a few bits and pieces we've put in behind the scenes...

Ayamo is currently working on even more minimap improvements!

In this update they're enabled by default. This has caused a few weird glitches with the minimap, so if you experience any weird problems with the minimap, please read on!

You may want to disable the setting "ExodusMinimapRealtime" from your advanced menu, "Show Debug Settings" if you are having problems with minimap dots "juttering around", we're aware of this problem and know why it's happening, just haven't found out a decent way to fix this problem.

If you have minimap map rotation disabled (by right-clicking the minimap and disabling "Rotate Map"), you'll see something similar to the picture above. We've added indicators that show avatar rotations on the minimap, this feature can be disabled by the setting "ExodusMinimapShowRotations", you must enable the setting above though, for this feature to work.

Anyway, here's the change-log:

  • Known Bugs
    • The mini-location bar may overlap the favorites bar and all other windows, we plan to fix this when we move to the new interface.
    • The minimap may be a little glitchy, read above!
    • The snapshot window's "double resolution" checkbox is a little glitchy, thanks Inara Pey, for pointing that out.
  • Merge
    • Meged with Snowstorm 3.1.1, we will be adopting the new UI (3.2.x) in the next update.
    • STORM-1672: Added new "Neck" and "Avatar Center" attachment points.
    • STORM-959: Added syntax highlighting for /* */ style comments.
  • Added
    • Advanced graphics settings now work without deferred enabled!
    • Emerald/Phoenix style script radar somewhat based on NaCl Viewer's implementation
    • Animation overrider chat commands, "/cao on", "/cao sit", "/cao sit off", etc.
  • Fixed
    • Fixed "EnableGestureSounds" logic, gestures played by others will now be heard by default.