"Remember, remember the fifth of November, the graphics card stutter and pop. I see no reason why Ayamo’s card, should never be swapped."

Last night my graphics card died on me! I have no idea why, but I’m sure it’s the card, considering the graphics glitches I keep getting. I’ve tried reinstalling the drivers, old drivers, re-seating the card, no luck!

Without a graphics card, I’m left with a computer that can’t start-up Second Life.

Without Second Life, development on Exodus Viewer is going to be put on hold till I can afford a new one. It just isn’t possible to continue development without a replacement graphics card at this point.

Is anyone out there kind enough to help me out?

Just to note, a few people were asking, the card I am replacing is a GeForce 470 GTX! :(


You can either donate via. PayPal by clicking here, or if you would prefer, you can throw donations in L$ to the Second Life account ExodusViewer.