Nightly Builds Now Live

A blog post? Hooray! We know we have not been posting many updates on our blog and twitter, but thats because we have been so busy with Exodus. Making sure we continue to provide one of the best viewer experiences ever. We will be posting updates more often. Honest!

So lets start with something special. We would like to introduce the Exodus nightly builds. What is a nightly build? It's a system that we are using to compile the viewer on an almost daily basis for all of you, our adoring fans. This means that almost as soon as a new feature gets written, changed or improved, you will get to use it on the same day! Of course this system is prone to many issues. stability being our main concern. But if you want to stay on the bleeding edge of our viewer development builds, this is for you! We do not offer support for nightly builds, but feedback regarding the nightly builds is always appreciated via our our internal repository issue tracker

To grab a nightly, go to

To find out what we have done in each build simply visit